Home Safety Assessment Karp Rehabilitation Vancouver

Home Safety Assessments

At Karp Rehabilitation, our Occupational Therapists can provide home safety assessments and assist in implementing any services or support you may need to live safely and comfortably at home.

  1. Address personal, environmental and behavioural factors influencing people’s participation and engagement in their activities in home and in community.
  2. Source and provide recommendations for equipment in your home to enhance your safety and independence with activities of daily living.
  3. Identify falls risk and implement falls prevention strategies.
  4. Provide strategies and education, such as energy conservation, pacing, organization, etc. to assist with activities of daily living.
  5. Kitchen assessments – for meal preparation – could watch client make a small simple meal that involves using a stove or oven.
  6. Connect you with any personal care or homemaking services.
  7. Connect you with accessible resources in the proximity of your own community.
  8. Help you seek funding for equipment, services, and/or home adaptations.
  9. Providing recommendations for home modifications.

Areas Assessed

  1. Falls risk (i.e. Mobility, Low-Vision, Cognition)
  2. Activities of Daily Living (i.e. Mobility, bathing, dressing, home management, community access, etc.)
  3. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (i.e. meal preparation, grocery shopping)

Notes and Resources

  1. Falls are the most common preventable injury in Canada. (http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=400)
  2. Home Safe Home (http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageID=3691)
  3. Advertising to Private Medical Clinics: Trends toward shorter hospital stays, greater use of outpatient treatment and a growing population of older adults which brings increased needs for home and community care services.