Job Demands Analysis

What is a Job Demands Analysis?

A Job Demands Analysis is a visit to your workplace made by an occupational therapist at a convenient time for you and your employer. Job Demands Analysis is an assessment of physical and cognitive demands at work. These specialized assessments are usually used when an employee is returning to work and physical, cognitive, psychosocial accommodations are needed.

A Job Demands Analysis will assess the physical demands of your job, such as:

  • Repetitive dynamic movements (trunk bending or crouching)
  • Sustained static posture (sitting or standing)
  • Equipment and machines (pulling, lifting and carrying)

A Job Demands Analysis will also identify cognitive demands, such as:

  • multiple tasks/judge when a task requires attention
  • deadline pressure (time pressure)
  • appropriate judgment and behaviour

Why is Job Demands Analysis used?

To ensure the employee will return to work in a manner that prevents physical or psychological re-injury as the Job Demands Analysis will assist with identifying and assessing risks. Occupational Therapists can assess the workplace for which accommodations will be beneficial to the returning employee.

What to expect from a Job Demands Analysis?

A custom onsite assessment for the demands of a specific work place and position.

The occupational therapists, employer, and employee will work together to gather information about the job and potential accommodation. The occupational therapist can provide recommendations to assist with return to work planning. Additionally, the occupational therapists can develop a gradual return to work plan based on the assessment for employers and employees to optimize a successful return to work.

What other benefits are there?

Besides determining the physical and cognitive demands of an occupation, a Job Demands Analysis report contains the occupational therapists recommendations to eliminate or control any identified risks. These suggestions might include altered tasks or ergonomic equipment upgrades which can help employees complete tasks with increased safety and efficiency. The Job Demands Analysis also takes into account environmental conditions.

Lastly, accommodations can be used with other employees; this can assist with creating a positive work culture which in turn can minimize employee turnover rate.

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