Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation

What is a Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Cognitive challenges can result following brain injury, secondary to mental health concerns, or with neurological conditions. These challenges may include remembering appointments, completing work on time, focusing on tasks, ignoring distractions, and/or issues with fatigue, headaches, or frustration/irritability.

Similar to a Functional Capacity Evaluation, a Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation (COG FCE) is an evidenced-based evaluation that objectively measures your functional ability to perform personal and/or job-related tasks. A COG FCE includes measures of physical performance seen in a standard FCE, with an additional focus on cognitive demands and the impact of cognition on all aspects of your daily life, including work, home, and community. A COG FCE is used to determine if your physical and cognitive abilities at the time of the assessment match the demands of your job.

A Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation is a one to two day assessment that objectively assesses your cognitive abilities, including attention and memory, planning and problem-solving, and behavioural changes and fatigue. The comprehensive COG FCE consists of an in-depth interview, a series of standardized assessments related to your job demands and your individual challenges, and gathering collateral information from your family or employer.

Your COG FCE will result in a comprehensive report informed by your evaluator’s objective observations. The report will include a detailed description of your current cognitive and behavioural abilities related to typical demands you may face at work and in your day to day life, and if your current abilities match these demands. If these areas do not match, the COG FCE is a helpful tool that can be used to inform recommendations for your individualized rehabilitation program. This includes strategies and accommodations addressing specific areas of concern that may help you either return to work safely, improve your work performance, or increase your daily activities.

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