Cost Of Future Care Reports

Cost of Future Care (CFC) report is produced by an occupational therapist (OT) to determine the long-term costs of the care and accommodations that an injured person requires.  It may also be referred to as a Future Care Assessment or as a Life Care Plan.

The process of creating a cost of future care report begins with a documents review of all available medical, technical, and legal documents related to the injuries. This is followed by a face-to-face client interview, as well as functional assessment testing to determine the client’s condition and limitations.

CFC Pyramid

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The next steps are additional research and consultation with relevant experts regarding the client’s prognosis. From this, a long term needs analysis is produced, the costs of which are determined via contact with local and regional businesses.

After these steps are complete, a Karp OT will begin writing your CFC report!

Motor vehicle accidents and injuries are just a fact of life. And when they happen, a Cost of Future Care report can help to predict the impact that any related injuries will have on a person’s day-to-day life. It will also predict the costs associated with these injuries. Future costs may include equipment, rehabilitation services, medical devices, prescriptions, adaptive devices, and services to assist with daily activities.

The first stages of a Cost of Future Care report, Future Care Assessment, or Life Care Plan is based on an assessment conducted by an occupational therapist. This assessment compares the client’s previous level of functioning to their current level by assessing the person’s participation in daily activities such as grooming, cooking, cleaning, work, and leisure activities.

During the third phase of developing the Cost of Future Care report, the occupational therapist conducts additional research and consults with relevant experts to gather specific information on the client’s prognosis and costs associated with this prognosis. Once all of the information is collected, a needs analysis is conducted in order to account for all of the costs associated with services and equipment the person needs as a result of the motor vehicle accident. Once the costs are determined, a comprehensive Cost of Future Care report, also known as a Life Care Plan or a Future Care Assessment, is developed to determine all future costs relevant to the client’s life.

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