Get Back to Normal with Karp Rehab

Injured Girl (M)Karp occupational therapists and kinesiologists agree, active rehab is the best treatment for soft tissue injuries.

They should know, too. With over two decades of industry experience, since 1992, and a greater than 90 percent client success rate, Karp Rehab has a proven record.

Of course, Karp does a while lot more than just active rehab, but it may just be what we do best! And the most amazing part about active rehab is it is designed specifically to return you to living your own version of “normal life” as soon as possible.

For an example, let’s say you were injured in a motor vehicle accident. At first, you would likely be very sore and achy, with trouble sleeping and difficulty remaining productive at home and at work. This is especially true in the first six to eight weeks after your accident.

Over that time, even if you were pretty active pre-MVA, chances are you would be unable to get out to exercise very much, which can magnify the severity your symptoms…

Fortunately, returning to ‘normal life’ after injury is possible with active rehab!

The active rehab, or active rehabilitation, process involves gradually increasing your activity level through the performance of light cardio, targeted stretching, and moderate strengthening exercises. At Karp, these uniquely tailored routines are always thoughtfully designed by a trained kinesiologist and performed with constant, one-on-one supervision within a gym setting.

But don’t worry: active rehab at Karp does not involve tedious “sweat sessions” and, most of all, it does not hurt.

On the contrary, Karp Rehabilitation‘s active rehabilitation programs, which are often prescribed by family doctors and can be fully funded by ICBC, are perfectly safe and even highly enjoyable.

At Karp, active rehab is just like having a personal trainer for the sport of living your own best life! 

If you think active rehab could help you, here are a few tips to get you started and give you an idea of what to expect.

Cardio training is a great start, but remember to take it slow.

If post-injury weight gain is a concern, you can initiate your own active rehab program with some light cardiovascular training by taking a short walk — or, if you can handle it, a long walk — on three nights per week. Vancouver weather is perfect for this! If you’re a bit further along, try a short hike, jog, or run. But remember to listen to what your body is telling you right now — not what it used to say before the injury occurred!

You can also conquer this weight gain by paying better attention to your diet. Eat clean, healthy foods and balanced meals, while staying away from all the junk!

Stretching and strengthening are next, and a bit trickier.

Squat Stages (M)Walking is generally pretty safe, but mat, free weight, and gym machine exercises could be dangerous if done incorrectly. However, stretching and strengthening are vitally important during active rehabilitation to rebuild your mobility and lean muscle mass.

It’s simple. The stronger your body is, the less susceptible you are to additional injury. The most important considerations during any flexibility or strength training program, especially following a serious injury, is exercise selection and proper technique. For that, a kinesiologist is likely required. Your rehab trainer will show you exercises suited to address your own limitations to ensure you’re isolating the correct areas.

Just remember, although progress often takes time, the lasting results from active rehabilitation are worth the wait.

Since 1992, Karp Rehabilitation therapists have guided thousands of clients from around Vancouver, B.C. and the lower mainland through one-on-one active rehabilitation programs. 

Just like you, our past clients decided to get to work to regain their pre-injury capabilities. As we have for countless others, Karp Rehab can help you begin achieving your own lasting recovery today!

For more information about active rehabilitation: CLICK HERE.

Shaun Karp is a certified personal trainer. All Karp Rehabilitation therapists are certified kinesiologists. For additional information, call Karp today

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