Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen…

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab Vancouver

B.C. roads are very busy.

As a result, despite ICBC‘s attempts to increase safety, the roads remain the most dangerous places to be in the lower mainland.

Common injuries from motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) include whiplash, compressed vertebrae, frozen shoulder, back and neck stiffness, and chronic soft tissue pain, as well as increased incidence of mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

In fact, studies show distracted driving and rear end collisions are increasing in Vancouver,

And B.C. driving will never be risk free.

So many of us in British Columbia know someone who has been in an MVA. Maybe they were forced to quit their preferred leisure pursuits, like hockey or golf, as a result. Or maybe they were unable to return to work or even confined to their homes following the motor vehicle accident.

To have any hope of making a full recovery, these folks need to get moving again and rebuild the strength and stability they’ve lost due to inactivity.

Fortunately, Karp Rehabilitation can help.

Shaun Karp, Active Rehabilitation Expert

Shaun Karp, Founder

We offer active rehabilitation, OT services, pool programs, athletic therapy, home care and cleaning, and much more.  After an accident many people benefit from active rehabilitation.  Overseen by a Kinesiologist, active rehabilitation, is also called active rehab or active therapy.

It resembles personal training, but the exercises and stretches are designed to address your specific limitations. As your condition improves, the program will adapt to meet your needs.

If you’re already working with ICBC to achieve a full motor vehicle accident recovery, active rehab is the best way to reach your goals.


Why choose Karp?

All Karp sessions occur in one of eleven full-scale gym facilities throughout the lower mainland. Want expertise? Karp Rehabilitation was established in Vancouver in 1992.

Plus, Karp active therapy programs include work simulation, functional movement training, postural and pain management education, and proposed work site accommodations. Finally, Karp‘s emphasis on education enables clients to continue decreasing their MVA-related pain after our programs end.

This combination of equipment, experience, effectiveness, and empowerment makes Karp Rehabilitation truly exceptional.

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, don’t delay… call Karp today or fill out our online form.


Karp Rehabilitation’s active rehabilitation program specializes in motor vehicle accident injury rehabilitation in B.C.’s lower mainland.

For more information call 604-420-7800. You can also join Karp on Facebook or Twitter, or visit the Karp RehabKarp Fitness, and Karp Home Care websites.