Hospital Discharge and Home Health

Hospital Discharge
Our Occupational Therapists provide hospital discharge planning in order to ensure that the transition from hospital to home is smooth and comfortable. An Occupational Therapists will assess the need for assistive equipment or modifications to your home. If required, we will coordinate additional support such as a caregiver, nurse or rehabilitation services.

Home Health
At Karp Rehabilitation, our Occupational Therapists provide home safety assessments and assist in implementing any services or support you may need to live safely and comfortably at home. These services may include implementation of mobility aids, adaptive equipment, falls prevention strategies, exercise, support services, education sessions, and more. Communication and coordination with the client’s healthcare team is essential to ensuring a successful transition from hospital to home, and when accessing community supports. Active rehabilitation programs are also available to maintain and/or improve physical conditioning and help facilitate a return to activity.

Who would benefit?
1. Individuals recovering post-surgery and/or transitioning home after being discharged from the hospital
2. Seniors who may need some services at home or in their community allowing them to age in the comfort and safety of their own homes
3. Seniors who may be at a falls risk
4. Individuals transitioning home with new injuries
5. Individuals living with progressive diseases (such as Dementias, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.) in which their needs may be subject to continuously change

Areas Assessed
1. Falls risk (i.e. Mobility, Low-Vision, Cognition)
2. Activities of Daily Living (i.e. Mobility, bathing, dressing, home management, community access, etc.)
3. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (i.e. meal preparation, grocery shopping)