Return to Work and Case Management

Occupational Therapy Return to Work Programs:
Many people seek occupational therapy services when they can no longer carry out their job related responsibilities. A Karp occupational therapist will help to facilitate the transition of returning to work by providing structured, safe progressions, according to the person’s individual abilities. We will speak with you, your doctor, and your employer to determine your job’s unique demands so that you can ease back into completing your pre-injury job duties. This may involve designing a rehabilitation program with specific work simulation exercises, modifications of work duties or implementing assistive devices that will help achieve a sustainable return to work.

Worksite Visits:
A worksite visit is an assessment that evaluates your job demands in order to determine whether you are able to meet these demands. An occupational therapist will consider your physical capacity, as well as the potential limitations affecting you, and make recommendations about the equipment you need to complete your job. They will work with you and your employer to establish workplace accommodations that suit both parties.

Ergonomic Assessments:
An ergonomic assessment might be right for you if you spend your days in a stationary work station like a desk. These assessments involve immediate adjustments to the work station, education regarding proper body mechanics and about optimal work station set ups, and a report that includes recommendations for ergonomic equipment.

Occupational Therapy Case Management:
Occupational therapists facilitate and organize rehabilitation services. They will contact your doctor and other healthcare professionals with medical and rehabilitation information to provide a fluid transition and to establish communication between service providers. They will also coordinate services and progress updates with insurance companies and your legal representation as you recover. Occupational therapist services are available to everyone. We receive referrals from doctors, lawyers, private insurance providers, employers, and private clients. If you would like to discuss any of our services in further detail, please contact us at 604-420-7800.