One-to-One Return to Work (RTW) Programs

At Karp Rehabilitation our work conditioning and work hardening programs are specific to each client’s injuries and occupation.

We adjust and personalize each program to best suit the client and his or her job demands. This may involve core stability, joint strengthening or pool programs for acute injuries or a conditioning and work simulation program for chronic injuries.


We believe your rehabilitation should not stop after your RTW program is complete. That’s why, to ensure a lasting recovery, Karp teaches ongoing symptom-management strategies, including safe lifting, targeted stretching, and postural adjustments. We’ll also monitor your RTW progress to better adjust your independent program and ensure continued improvement.

Liaise with Employer

To ensure your program fits to a T, we’ll contact your employer to confirm your job demands and discuss potential work-site accommodations. We also inquire about gradual return to work (GRTW) options to help ease you back toward your previous employment hours. After this, we’ll provide a proposed return to work date recommendation to your doctor to either confirm or adjust as needed, and keep your employer in the loop with frequent program updates.

Liaise with Doctor

We follow a medical model where the doctor is the medical manager on your file. Once we have confirmed your specific job demands, we provide our recommendations for approval of RTW plans. In addition, detailed initial and final assessment reports are sent to their office in a timely fashion and updates are provide on a regular basis or with situational changes.

Occupational Therapy Services

An Occupational Therapist is your healthcare quarterback, in place to support and enhance your rehabilitation process. Our therapists coordinate the efforts of medical, rehabilitation, and home care professionals and organize your recovery plan as you re-integrate into the workplace. We are equipped to visit your workplace to perform a Job Demands Analysis or Ergonomic Assessment in order to precisely identify the physical demands and/or ergonomic requirements of your work area. We like to think of ourselves as the quarterback of your team!