Pool Programs at Karp Rehab

Pool Programs


Exercising in a pool is one of the best ways to restore muscle strength, endurance, and joint range of motion. In fact, swimming pools can act as sensory rooms providing treatment stations with unique treatment aims. Water provides added resistance without the stress or impact on joints and soft tissues. There are physical, psycho social, cognitive and recreational benefits to aquatic therapy. Our team of experts can help get you reach your pre-injury form ahead of schedule!

Pool programs are perfect for people who cannot participate in more traditional forms of active rehabilitation. This is because they are a more gentle approach compared to typical active rehabilitation. They are generally easier on your body, as the water removes much of the joint strain that occurs with day-to-day movements. The increased temperature of heated pools reduces spasticity while relaxing muscles. By taking advantage of this, you can perform a wide variety of strength-building and mobility-increasing exercises, all without the pain that higher impact exercises may cause. Pool program activities can include multiple senses: visual, auditory, tactile and more.

And there is no need to worry if you do not like swimming: many exercises can be performed in the shallow end of the pool, and your therapist will always consider your comfort level and your physical abilities when individually designing your program!

Whether you use your pool program for its own merits or as a transitional tool, you are sure to benefit from this great low impact active rehabilitation!

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