Multidisciplinary Approach

How an Occupational Therapist can Help with Dementia & Alzheimer’s: Memory Aids, Tools, and Strategies

An occupational therapist can offer practical advice on how to improve your memory. If you’re having trouble remembering things, it could be time to start taking advantage of technology and memory aids that can provide prompts, reminders, and help you recall information easier.


Given that many people are rarely without their mobile phone or tablet, setting up a reminder app on one or both of them can be a useful way to help you remember important things.

Notice Boards

Putting up a notice board in an obvious spot in your house can act as a trigger for memories.

Stick Notes & Labels

Whether it’s a post-it by the front door or labels on the cupboards, everybody relies on a certain amount of notes and labels to help them remember.

Diaries, Journals and ‘to do’ Lists

Using a diary can help you to keep note of appointments, birthdays or phone numbers. Keeping more detailed notes in a diary may be helpful to keep track of people you have met, where you have been and what you did.

Using pictures

Drawing a picture that represents what you’re reading, where you’ve been, or who you have just met will help you recall the information easier later on.

People remember things in different ways. This means some strategies will work better for some people. Consulting with an occupational therapist to go over which tools and strategies will work best for you is something to consider.