Active rehab

What is Active Rehabilitation?

Active Rehabilitation is an exercise-based program designed to improve your level of function. An active rehabilitation program usually begins after an injury that leaves you unable to work, play, or perform daily activities.

What’s the Difference Between Active Rehabilitation & Other Forms of Rehab?

The difference is that active rehabilitation involves regaining strength, endurance, and functional ability through stretching and light exercise. Passive treatments such as massage, chiropractics, and physiotherapy don’t focus on regaining strength and function through exercise. Passive treatments are valuable, but if you need to become stronger before getting back to work, play, and everything else, active rehabilitation can help you return sooner.

Who Designs an Active Rehabilitation Program?

Active rehabilitation programs are offered by Kinesiologists. These are experts in the study of human movement and physiology. They hold at least a four-year bachelors degree in Kinesiology or other related health science field, and may be supervised by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

Active Rehabilitation is Personal

An active rehab program is tailored to your unique needs. The program takes into account your current condition, work schedule, symptoms, and past experiences. The program often begins with stretches and exercises that are slightly easier than what you can complete, and the difficulty is increased as you recover from your injury. By the end of the program, you’ll have gained the knowledge and confidence to continue your rehabilitation plan independently

Active rehab is as much of a teaching experience as it is a productive recovery session. It arms you with an approach and exercise strategies needed to get back to work, play, and everything else.