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Socializing at School – How an OT can Help

Since a child’s full-time occupation is school, it can be identified that this is where most of their socializing takes place. A great way to get your child more involved both on and off the playground is to work with an occupational therapist!

Recognizing socializing at school as an important aspect of a child’s education is essential. Social participation can be a great challenge for many children, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), both at school and in the community. Your child would benefit from working with an occupational therapist if they experience difficulties with any the following:

  • Personal Space and Body Language
  • Unexpected social interactions
  • Shy/fearful interactions or overly friendly advances towards others
  • Difficulty participating in community outings or playdates
  • Difficulty in developing and maintaining friendships
  • Difficulty with expected social responses

A pediatric occupational therapist may use the Sensory Integration (SI) approach to create fun-filled activities. These activities may include a curriculum with a focus on particular social skills including, but not limited to:

  • Greeting & sharing
  • Cooperative & interactive play
  • Making & keeping friends
  • Participating in conversations
  • Body Language
  • Self awareness
  • Understanding & expressing emotions
  • Being brave & facing fears
  • Avoiding and resolving conflicts
  • Taking turns

In addition to focusing on skill development, our pediatric occupational therapists place great importance on play, socialization, language and teamwork. Working with an occupational therapist is a positive step in providing the tools for your child to achieve the extraordinary!

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