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Tools of an Occupational Therapist

It is hard to know how an injury or disability will affect you. Will it interfere with your ability to care for your family? Or even with your ability to earn a living? How will you advocate for yourself if it leads to more difficulties?

Fortunately, an occupational therapist can help you answer these questions.

Occupational therapists are trained experts who work with a wide range of people – from seniors and people with permanent disabilities to those who have been injured. Simply put, their job is to assess potential difficulties, make recommendations, and advocate.

To do this, occupational therapists make use of several important tools:

The first tool that an occupational therapist might use is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). The Functional Capacity Evaluation provides detailed accounts of the various limitations you face. In this report, you will find information about how your disability has affected various muscle groups and joints. And this is an essential part of ensuring that you stay safe and healthy!

The occupational therapist might also want to create a Cost of Future Care (CFC) report. This report is very important, because determines how your injury or disability might affect you in the long term. It also details what you will need to function despite the added difficulty. In it, you might see recommendations about certain therapies, assistive technologies, and monetary compensations.

Last but certainly not least, the occupational therapist might recommend an Ergonomic or Workplace Assessment. As part of this assessment, the therapist will come to your work and find helpful improvements. These may include chair position, computer placement, or break frequency. That way, you know you will be able to earn a living without creating more damage!

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